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The Altepetl dossier is the result of the symposium “Altepetl et quartiers. La composition des capitales urbaines en Mésoamérique préhispanique” which was organized by the ArchAm and Germ research units in collaboration with the GDRE “Past Crisis in the Americas,” and held on January 30, 2013 at the Maison de l’archéologie et ethnologie in Nanterre (France; https://mae.hypotheses.org/705).

coordinated by M. Charlotte Arnauld


El tema del altepetl en la historia y la arqueología de México no es de ninguna manera nuevo –probablemente ni siquiera Charles Gibson en los años 1960 haya sido el primero en abordarlo. Dos generaciones de investigadores han vertido muchos análisis...

M. Charlotte Arnauld
Sep 2017

La identificación de unidades sociales y administrativas en el seno de la ciudad maya clásica a través de sus sedes

Formal and spatial analysis of architectural groups surrounding the epicenter of Classic Maya cities can discriminate significant units in areas that would otherwise appear as an undifferentiated aggregation of domestic groups. The article starts introducing a procedure for the identification...

Jesús Adánez Pavón, Andrés Ciudad Ruiz, Alfonso Lacadena García-Gallo, María Josefa Iglesias Ponce de León
Sep 2017

Agua-cerro, ideología y realidades en el área maya

The pair of words (or “difrasismo”) water/hill, in náhuatl atl/tepetl, refers both to a class of toponyms and a notion of polity. With the support of epigraphic and iconographic evidence, the present study is archaeological and mainly focuses upon the...

M. Charlotte Arnauld
Nov 2016

Tlalloc-Tlallocan: el altepetl arquetípico

More than a century ago, Georges Raynaud wrote with great clear-sightedness in a brief paper dedicated to Tlalloc “Of all the gods related to Cipactli, only one is linked as him by the earth and the water, the god that...

José Contel
Nov 2016

El señorío matlatzinca, una manera de abordar el altepetl

This article analyzes the transformations of the Matlatzinca seigneury between the 15th and 16th centuries. Between the period when the Calixtlahuaca seigneury was known as Pintanbati (before the Aztec conquest in 1474) until the foundation of the Toluca villa (in the 1530s), the Matlatzinco...

Nadine Béligand
Nov 2016

Altepetl: el lugar del poder

In the center of Mexico, on the eve of the Spanish conquest, the human settlements formed around a sovereign received the nahuatl name of atl tepetl (“water/mountain”). The article shows that this pair or difrasismo expresses a concept and supports...

Danièle Dehouve
Nov 2016