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The Technological studies Special Issue offers some articles derived from the papers presented in the symposium “Estudios, metodología y filosofía de la tecnología. Una visión comparativa,” and several other contributions that reflect the growing interest in pre-Hispanic technologies. The symposium was held on July 10, 2019 at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (https://www.inah.gob.mx/boletines/8273-realizaran-coloquio-sobre-el-uso-de-la-tecnologia-en-la-epoca-prehispanica).

coordinated by Fernando López Aguilar, Laura Filloy and Alejandra Castañeda

Cadenas operatorias en la producción de objetos emplumados mexicas

In this work, the operational sequences in the production of luxury feather objects are presented in the context of the empire of Moctezuma II. The reflections focus on the corpus of six pieces of Mexica culture that are preserved in museums...

María Olvido Moreno Guzmán, Laura Filloy Nadal
May 2021